where can you serve at northside?

At Northside Christian Church, we believe serving is a fun and practical way to live out our faith. James 1:22 encourages us toward this by saying, "But be doers of the Word and not hearers only..."

Volunteering doesn't have to be something you dread - at Northside Christian Church, we believe serving is something to look forward to! Our leadership team will do their best to make sure that you are equipped with the training and materials you need for success in an area you love!

If you are thinking about becoming more involved at Northside Christian Church, we trust that you will be able to find an avenue to serve that fits with your unique talents and interests! We look forward to having you as a part of our volunteer team!

Contact the church office at northsidechristiancolumbus@gmail.com for more information.

  • Welcome & Greeting Team

    First impressions matter! Northside knows that and it is why we are looking for people like you to join our Welcome and Greeting Team. If you enjoy to meet new people and make others feel welcome, our team would love to have you! 

    This is a ministry that takes place on Sunday mornings, and is the time commitment of 30 minutes during your rotation week. Greeters meet people at the door, hand out bulletins, answer any questions visitors may have, and show people around who may need assistance finding where to go.  

  • Northside Nursery

    Northside Nursery is our ministry for young children, newborn through 4 years of age. If you enjoy holding babies, playing dress up, and teaching biblical truths through stories and music, this may be the ministry for you! 

    The safety of children in our care is a top priority. As a volunteer with Northside Nursery you will receive the proper training for the following: our security procedures, daily routines, parental communications, and monthly volunteer schedules. 

    To serve in Northside Nursery is a time commitment of one Sunday or Wednesday service a month.

  • Northside Kids

    Northside Kids is our K5 through 5th grade Ministry. And from personal experience, kids really do say the darnedest things! At the end of every gathering, we walk away laughing about something that was said. From "I picture Jesus to have the cutest hands," to "I carry my New Testament .... always." Our team has heard and love it all!

    Do you enjoy teaching biblical truths, through Scripture, stories, crafts and games? Do you love the contagious energy of working with elementary aged students? Have you experienced the joy of seeing a child's face when the love of God makes sense to them for the first time? Are you interested in joining our Northside Kids Ministry Team?

    You can volunteer in the following ways:

    Sunday Mornings:

    1. Leading or Assisting in a Sunday School Class -

    a commitment of two Sundays a month during the 9:45am study.

    Our Sunday School teacher's are provided with the curriculum ahead of their week, allowing enough time to prepare properly. Teaching a Sunday School class is a great opportunity to make a lesson more personal for the kids, since they are broken up into smaller groups.

    2. Leading or Assisting in Children's Church -

    a commitment of one Sunday a month during the 11am service.

    Similar to our Sunday School teachers, our Children's Church team is provided with the lesson and materials needed to succeed ahead of time so that they may prepare properly. This is an opportunity to connect with all of the students from ages K5 to 5th grade. Children's Church is excused from the 11am service immediately following worship through music, and lasts during the remainder of the time.

    During this time we introduce the children to biblical truths in an age-appropriate manner, encourage them to ask questions, participate in discussion, as well as make it fun through crafts and games.

    Wednesday Nights:

    3. Leading or Assisting in Northside Kids -

    a commitment of leading one to two months per year.

    Northside Kids is similar to Children's Church on Sunday Mornings. The Northside Kids will begin with joined worship through music with the Journey Youth Ministry (6-12th grades), then will be dismissed to be taught a lesson that is altered specifically for their age group. This lesson will be curriculum based, provided ahead of time, and you will be given with the entire month's plan at once in order to allow time for best preparation.

  • Journey Youth Ministry

    Journey Youth Ministry is designed specifically for our 6th through 12th grade students. This is always an awesome time of fellowship and pursuing God's Word. Journey Youth Ministry strives to be defined by the following four words: community, discipleship, service, and leadership. 

    If you are interested in investing into the next generation, this is what it could look like:

    Sunday Mornings: 

    Journey Youth Ministry (Sunday School) - 

    a time commitment of one hour, twice a month. 

    Journey Youth Sunday School goes through a curriculum based study where we encourage the students to engage in conversations, ask questions, share stories, and participate in group activities. This is a laid back session which allows the students to feel welcome and comfortable. Beyond that, this allows an opportunity for friendships to continue to mesh. Sunday School is always a great time to be involved with Journey Youth Ministry! 

    Wednesday Nights:

    Journey Youth Ministry (Main Event) - 

    a time commitment of one hour on Wednesday evenings.

    Journey Youth Ministry has their "Main Event" on Wednesday Nights. This time is opened with worship through music, joined with the K5 through 5th grade students. After the music portion of service has ended, the Northside Kids are dismissed and the Journey Youth students are lead in a message or discussion by the Director of Student Ministries. 

    What we are in need of is adult leaders who are willing to take the time to join us for our service. The benefit of having more adult leaders present are: safety of students, discipleship for students, available to give constructive criticism, and to offer an additional mature presence. 

    Throughout the Week: 


    Maybe you are unable to volunteer with Journey Youth Ministry during the service times, but you have a heart for young people and encouraging them deeper in their relationship with the Lord. It is a dream of our Director of Student Ministries to be able to partner spiritually mature adults with youth students -- to simply do life with. This would be the commitment of meeting with your teen, leading them in study, praying for them, reaching out to them, and being willing to help guide them through the challenges of the culture. When you meet will be decided between the adult and the youth to best fit your schedules. This is a exceptional time of growth as teens. I hope you will consider serving in this way!

  • Worship Team

    We believe that worshiping the Lord is what we were created to do. Whether that is through music, conversation, or our actions; may our lives manifest praises to God. If you love the Lord and enjoy music, joining the Worship Team may be a great way for you to serve at Northside. All volunteers must be open to an audition before being placed on the roster.

    This is a time commitment of two hours on Sunday morning, twice a month.

  • Media Team

    Our Media Team is always looking for ways to improve. If you enjoy working with technology, our Media Team may be the perfect fit for you. We are in need of additional volunteers in the following areas: camera and recording, sound, visual presentation, and online design. 

    This is a time commitment of two hours on Sunday morning, twice a month.

  • Community Outreach

    Northside Christian Church places a great emphasis on community outreach. During the course of a year several events are designed in order to help those whom live around the Columbus area feel included in what is going on at the church. 

    Some of these events are: 

    Upward Sports (Flag Football, Soccer), Nerf Night, Family Game Nights (a church-wide event), Service Projects (for all ages), So Long Summer (a back to school event for K5-5th grades), Youth Lock-Ins, Fall Retreat (for 6-12th grades), Fall Festival (a family oriented, fall event with lots of candy!), Children's Christmas Performance, and a Christmas Eve Service.

    During these events, we are always in need of incredible people, like yourself, who are willing to volunteer in order to make the outreach a success! If you have a mind for details, a heart for people, and enjoy fun things -- this may be the avenue you! We would love to have you on our Community Outreach Team!

  • Upward Sports

    The time has finally arrived and we need YOUR help! Northside will be participating in a spring season of Upward Flag Football and need people who are interested in serving in the following areas: Coaching, Assistant Coaching, Refereeing, Concessions, and Photography....  

    For those of you who are interested in volunteering during the 2019 Upward Season of Flag Football, here are some of the key dates and information!

    February 18: Evaluations for K5 through 3rd grades

    February 19: Evaluations for 4th through 8th grades

    All games and practices will be held at Northside Christian Church (9801 Whitesville Rd. Fortson, GA 31808). Practices will be held on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights. (A commitment of only one practice per week.) All games will be held on Saturday mornings.

    Practices will begin the week of March 4th.

    First game will be on March 16th.

    Final Celebration will be held on May 18th.

    If you are interested and willing to volunteer as a coach (21+), assistant coach (9th grade+), or referee (9th grade+). Please follow the link below: