The peak

The PEAK is our midweek discipleship night as we come together for study at 6:30 pm.

  • At 6:30 pm we come together for study groups that last about an hour.

  • ADULTS focus on practical and theological themes relating to the Christian life.

  • MERGE (Middle\High School students) engages in discipleship studies that focus on "merging" daily life with Christ and His Word. They begin their time with worship and go into their study. 

  • KID-MO (5K - grade 5) each week come together for a brief time of worship. After their worship, they work on individual or group lesson activities and practice their memory verse for the month. 

  • Discipleship training

    Practical and theological studies offered throughout the calendar year for adults

  • Youth discipleship

    Practical and theological studies relavent to today's culture

  • children's discipleship - kidMO

    KIDMO contains strong Bible teaching, high-impact worship, interactive lesson review games, Bible memory challenges, small group breakouts and a comprehensive take home review. The blend of music, animation and live action engages kids and holds their attention.