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Come and See...

For the past few years there has been a running theme in the congregation-- "Come and See . . ."  It's a statement that comes from John 4 when a troubled woman encountered Jesus at a well. She walked away excited about who Jesus was and what He could do. "Come and See . . ." is our invitation to not only come worship with us, but more importantly, to hear the words of God and SEE Jesus Christ and the hope that He offers. We believe when you "come and see" Northside, you will discover a people pursuing Jesus Christ . . .

. . . through Biblical teaching and preaching from the Bible, that is both informative and practical;

. . . through the reading of Scripture and the weekly observance of Communion;

. . . through the offering of prayer and praise from our gifted worship team;

. . . and through genuine fellowship among a diverse gathering of people.

Come and See . . . Visit Northside Christian Church >



We are a community of people who are in process. We have imperfect messy lives, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and with each other. Everybody is welcome here whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. We’re all about doing life together in community, being intentional about our growth as people, and serving one another and our broader community along the way.

We want to invite you to one of our Sunday Gatherings to experience our community of Jesus--followers authentically engaging with the God we love!

Sunday Mornings >